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17 May 2011, 15:09. Posted by LHE

Tom Glynn and I go way back to the early 90′s when I worked with him doing traffic & news reports on the radio in Boston. I learned very quickly that he was not just a great person and broadcaster with the voice of god, but an extremely talented musician as well. A composer, singer/songwriter and entertainer, Tom’s music is always original and always inspiring.

From one of his early albums Passing Dream to Blue You’ll Do, to the formation of his newest band The Neon Suns, Tom Glynn has been described as ” A pop tunesmith at the top of his game whos songs deeply resonate” – Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

“When you put on Blue You’ll Do, one thing becomes apparent very quickly: Tom Glynn from Boston can pick the guitar. In fact, his style on Berkowitz baritone acoustic guitar sounds almost like a 12-string at times. He gets a very clean sound and some good resonance. He is no slouch as a singer either. His delivery is even and easy. There is never any strain in his voice. It just comes out easily and naturally.” – Gary Schwind, Los Angeles Examiner.

James Taylor and Neil Finn have been used many times to describe Tom’s sound. I’m thrilled to share some of his work with you here. Click on the links above to hear more

Here is a clip of Tom Glynn performing with his band at the Living-room in NYC. This is one of my favorite songs I still remember when.

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